Emily Huston is a freelance designer available for graphic and web design. She has a strong background in design through her schooling at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, her career and through various freelance opportunities.

Emily's style can be summed up as simple, clean and elegant. She has a good eye for design and works very hard for her clients. She has intermediate knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite, and has been gaining experience in web scripting, in languages such as HTML, CSS Style Sheets, PHP, and JavaScript.

Emily provides the following services:
Graphic Design - Web Design - Branding/Logo Design - Creative Consulting - Illustration - Digital Photography - and more.

Emily studied Graphic Design at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and later went on to gain a web diploma in the school's online program.

Emily gained valuable experience working in the design division of Dick's Sporting Goods for 5 years.

Emily spent a brief period working for a printing company, where she learned invaluable information about prepress, paper and printing techniques.

Now, Emily is sharpening her skills in web design working at Polaris Windows & Doors, while continuing to add to her portfolio with freelance work.


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Photoshop + Illustrator
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SEO Web Optimization
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